Human-Centered Design Practitioner

Become a front-line innovator who uses design thinking in your daily work to tackle problems and design powerful solutions.

What you'll learn

As a LUMA certified practitioner, you’ll be able to: 

  • Use human-centered design methods, activities and techniques in your work on a daily basis, whatever your job is.
  • Begin to speak a common language for creative problem-solving that leads to faster, better collaboration that gets results.
  • Know how and when to apply combinations of human-centered design methods to common challenges, such as aligning a team or coming up with better ideas.
  • Build your own agendas for work sessions that use combinations of LUMA methods to address specific business challenges.
  • Collaborate effectively with others — whether that’s colleagues, customers or partners — both in-person and remotely, across locations and time zones.
Photo Illustration of the LUMA Institute Practitioner certification badge
Illustration of the LUMA Institute Practitioner certification badge

Public programs

  • Standard rate: $2,250 USD per person
  • Group rate: $1,950 USD per person for 3+ members from the same organization
  • Discount pricing for nonprofit, education, and government sectors: $1,950 USD. If applicable, use the appropriate discount code at checkout: NONPROFIT; EDU; GOVRATE

Private programs