Human-Centered Design Practitioner

Become a front-line innovator who uses design thinking in your daily work to tackle problems and design powerful solutions.

Photo A headshot of Deisiane Bresolin
A headshot of Deisiane Bresolin

Deisiane Bresolin

Deisiane Bresolin is a designer, innovator, entrepreneur and teacher. She is passionate about empowering people to improve the way they work and live. During her career at Nike, Inc., she created an innovation methodology inspired by the creative steps from fashion school, and she was invited to teach this design thinking methodology to multiple teams across the company. 

Deisiane has a master’s degree in design and product management from Polimoda-Italy, a bachelor’s degree in business management from Portland State University, and attended fashion design school. 

Her teaching style is about connecting with people — inspiring them by sharing authentic stories about her real life experiences as a design thinker and empowering them by providing the tools and knowledge they need to transform their lives and innovate as well.

Photo A headshot of Terri Burch
A headshot of Terri Burch

Terri Burch

Terri Burch is a passionate design strategist, facilitator and hybrid-thinking professional. She adopts strategies and tactics from both the creative design and strategic business worlds to help organizations use design to address complex challenges.

Terri has more than 14 years of experience as an advisor to community-based organizations, small-and-medium-sized enterprises and multinational corporations in the U.S. and abroad. Six of those years were dedicated to human-centered design instruction and training. She has also worked with several innovation and educational institutions as a consultant, design thinking instructor and facilitator.

Terri holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Eastern Michigan University and an MBA in Strategic Design as a pioneering fellow from Thomas Jefferson University of Philadelphia, PA (formerly Philadelphia University).

Photo A headshot of Amelie De Spot
A headshot of Amelie De Spot

Amélie De Spot

Amélie De Spot comes from that breed of designers that mixes a strong business acumen with problem-solving skills. She is a serial entrepreneur, consultant, design thinking instructor and facilitator, and a SCRUM master.

With a knack for entrepreneurship and a stint in venture capital, Amélie has more than 20 years of experience across multiple startups and established companies across health technology, financial services technology, telecommunications and a wide variety of internet ventures.

Prior to joining LUMA, Amélie was the entrepreneur in residence at Standard Chartered Bank, where she trained more than 300 staff, facilitated more than 30 workshops and supported various teams on their engagement strategies.

Amélie holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from ICHEC Brussels Management School.

Photo A headshot of Jori MacNaught
A headshot of Jori MacNaught

Jori MacNaught

Jori MacNaught is passionate about people. She brings her curiosity about human behavior, research and community to her daily life. Jori’s remote teaching and collaboration skills enable her to help others uncover their creative side and discover ways to enrich their lives through a human-centric discipline.

Jori brings more than eight years of experience as a global market researcher and regional marketer at Amway Corp. There, she gained expertise applying LUMA methods to product, service and experience design projects, and facilitated dozens of cross-functional workshops around the world.

Jori holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing and French from Carthage College, a certificate of completion of studies in French from Université de Caen Basse-Normandie, and a master’s degree in market research from the University of Georgia.

Photo A headshot of Jesse Smith
A headshot of Jesse Smith

Jesse Smith

Jesse Smith has spent his adult life honing his skills in teamwork, facilitation and design.

Working in technical theater for 20 years was the crucible that taught Jesse the value of communication and teamwork mindsets, and helped him develop core designer behaviors. From theater, he made a leap into retail manufacturing, and saw that those same mindsets are transferable to all levels of commercial business, and can set a company apart from competitors.

Jesse has a bachelor’s degree in technical direction from Emerson College and a master’s degree in technical direction from the University of Connecticut. His work as a designer and facilitator with organizations from local nonprofits to billion-dollar public companies has given him opportunities to demonstrate how any obstacle, at any scale, can be solved elegantly with human-centered design mindsets and methodologies.