Our Offerings

Ways to learn the LUMA System and scale design thinking across your organization, and resources to guide you.


Learn the LUMA System through fully online certification programs

People finish LUMA training feeling fired up about a new way of working and eager to start using human-centered design methods. Our certification programs are hands-on, fast paced and fun, led by expert instructors using digital tools that support meaningful participation and collaboration.

We offer public training for individuals or small teams, and we offer private training for large teams or entire organizations.

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Practical, at-the-ready tools for using the LUMA System

LUMA Workplace®

LUMA’s digital platform empowers everyone to learn and apply design thinking, in-person or remotely.

LUMA Workplace has tools, resources, classes and videos to help everyone build skills, effectiveness and confidence using the LUMA System, our unique framework of human-centered design.

Book and cards

“Innovating for People” is your hard copy guide to all 36 human-centered design methods in the LUMA System, organized by way of three key design skills: Looking, Understanding and Making. This 86-page, spiral-bound volume gives a clear, concise presentation about every method.

LUMA’s deck of human-centered design planning cards gives anyone using the LUMA System a practical way to plan out your use of the methods to solve problems.

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