LUMA Training

Expert instruction and hands-on training for anyone to learn and apply design thinking skills

Make things better, together

LUMA training teaches individuals, teams, and organizations to create better products, services, and experiences for the people they serve. Learn how to use human-centered design skills to innovate and solve problems. Our world-class instructors use real-world scenarios and give you hands-on practice so you leave LUMA trainings feeling confident and empowered to make things better.

We offer programs that fit a wide range of goals, whether you’re just beginning your design journey and looking to become a better problem solver, or you’re an experienced practitioner aiming to level up your skills or scale design thinking across your organization.

Training opportunities for everyone

What you’ll take away from LUMA training

  • A repeatable system for creative problem-solving that leads to better collaboration and real results.
  • Confidence in your ability to tackle the challenges you face in your daily work.
  • Tools and techniques to unlock empathy and imagination. 
  • A sense of community with your fellow learners.

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