About LUMA

We believe any individual, team and organization has the potential to innovate but may not know how. That's where we come in.

LUMA was created around a clear purpose: to empower everyone to make things better. We act as a catalyst – not a consultancy – and we're guided by three things: our System, our partnerships with organizations, and our beliefs and values.

The LUMA System

The most practical, flexible and versatile approach to innovation in the world that anyone can learn and apply

LUMA grew out of a simple request from people who saw human-centered design in action: “Can you teach us to work this way?” LUMA believes any individual, team and organization has the potential to innovate, but just may not know how.

Today, we function as a catalyst that empowers people worldwide through our unique LUMA System of Innovation.

The LUMA System offers a framework of human-centered design methods that equips people to be more innovative in their daily work. It’s the most practical, flexible and scalable system in the world.

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Our approach

How LUMA empowers organizations

LUMA is a trusted partner that helps organizations worldwide scale design thinking, bring about culture change and deliver impact. We equip your teams to be creative, collaborative problem-solvers through training in human-centered design, supported by online resources and expert guidance.

Organizations worldwide, just like yours, are working hard to understand conditions that shift continually and environments that evolve quickly, creating new — and unexpected — opportunities.

To help you navigate constant change, LUMA empowers your teams with a common language and toolset for innovation, so your teams can tackle any type of challenge and design creative solutions.

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Our beliefs and values

Great partnerships are built on shared beliefs and values

We can’t say it any better than Nobel laureate Herb Simon: “Everyone designs who devises courses of action aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones.”

We believe there is a need for universal design literacy.

As a company built on human-centered beliefs and values, we view diversity, equity and inclusion as sources of strength and inspiration. We embrace core values that define how we work with each other, and how we’ll work with you.

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