Our Approach

LUMA is a trusted partner that helps organizations worldwide scale design thinking, bring about culture change, and deliver impact.

LUMA equips your teams to be creative, collaborative problem-solvers through training in human-centered design, supported by online resources and expert guidance.

Give your organization tools to tackle the challenges ahead

Organizations worldwide, just like yours, are working hard to understand conditions that shift continually and environments that evolve quickly, creating new — and unexpected — opportunities.

To help you navigate constant change, LUMA empowers your teams with a common language and toolset for innovation, so your teams can tackle any type of challenge and design creative solutions.

Organizations skilled at design thinking can move quickly to explore possibilities, then create prototypes to test and refine. You can advance with confidence, and turn big opportunities into even bigger wins.

Leverage a proven system for solving real-world problems

LUMA teaches design thinking as a flexible, easy-to-learn and scalable system that any member of your team, in any position, can use in their daily work to solve problems.

We call our framework the LUMA System of Innovation. It’s made up of 36 human-centered design methods that are organized around three key design skills — Looking, Understanding and Making.

As your teams learn and apply LUMA methods, they build a shared language and toolset for solving problems creatively and collaboratively, even across countries and continents.

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Build capacity around key roles to become self-sufficient

To help organizations embrace design thinking and make it their own, LUMA partners with you to build your internal capability within three key roles.

  • Practitioners — front-line innovators who use human-centered design in their daily work, in any type of role.
  • Facilitators — team members who are highly skilled in planning and facilitating work sessions that use human-centered design to get results.
  • Instructors — individuals who teach others how to use the LUMA System, and help your organization build self-sufficiency toward a culture of innovation.

To support this approach, we offer certification for all three roles, along with courses on human-centered design skills or topics. Our digital platform, LUMA Workplace, provides resources 24/7 and can be available to your entire workforce through LUMA Enterprise, our offering for large organizations.

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Build awareness — finding creative ways to build awareness about your design thinking program to support your teams as they acquire new skills.

Create community — coming together as a community of practice allows your teams to thrive and learn from each other.

Engage leadership — seeing leaders use design thinking in their work is powerful. Help your leaders become role models.

Demonstrate ROI and impact — documenting and sharing outcomes can be inspiring, especially when you can measure the value provided to customers.

Integrate design thinking with other internal processes, initiatives and culture — demonstrating your organization’s commitment to integrate design thinking can help keep programs moving.

Photo Five ways to scale design thinking: awareness, community, leadership, integration, ROI
Five ways to scale design thinking: awareness, community, leadership, integration, ROI
Photo LUMA partner client logos
LUMA partner client logos

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