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Practical, at-the-ready tools for using the LUMA System.

“Innovating for People: Handbook of Human-Centered Design Methods”

by LUMA Institute

When the co-founders of LUMA Institute introduced a new approach to human-centered design — as a system, not a process — they needed a way to share it with everyone, everywhere.

The result was “Innovating For People: Handbook of Human-Centered Design Methods,” first published in 2012. Since then, tens of thousands of copies are being used worldwide. Many folks have told us it’s a treasured resource that never gets dusty because they use it so often.

“Innovating for People” is your hard copy guide to all 36 human-centered design methods in the LUMA System, organized by way of three key design skills: Looking, Understanding and Making. This 86-page, spiral-bound volume gives a clear, concise presentation about every method and includes:

  • An overview and description of the method, how it works and the value it offers.
  • A photo of the method in use.
  • A quick guide for how to use the method effectively.
  • Helpful hints for achieving the best results.
  • The method’s benefits to those seeking a human-centered approach.
  • Examples of how each method can be used in combination with other methods in the LUMA System.
Photo 4.5 star rating on
4.5 star rating on

The handbook is beautifully designed, well constructed and sturdy, because it’s intended to be used as a ready reference in everyday work, whether you’re collaborating online or in-person. We love to see copies well-used and dog-eared!

What handbook users say:
  • “An excellent resource!”
  • “A must-buy for human-centered design advocates!”
  • “Comprehensive, well-organized collection of design methods with practical descriptions.”

Download an excerpt 

Sample the book by downloading a PDF of the “Looking” section of 12 methods for observing human experience, with categories for ethnographic research, participatory research and evaluative research.

Download PDF


Photo An excerpt of the LUMA handbook
An excerpt of the LUMA handbook

“Innovating for People: Human-Centered Design Planning Cards”

by LUMA Institute

LUMA’s deck of human-centered design planning cards gives anyone using the LUMA System a practical way to plan out your use of the methods to solve problems.

The deck offers one card, 5’x3”, for each of the 36 methods in the LUMA System. Each card has a photo of the method in use, a short description, a quick guide and helpful hints. Use them to plan design thinking sessions or introduce human-centered design methods to others in a practical, easy-to-read format.

Photo LUMA design thinking planning cards
LUMA design thinking planning cards