Human-Centered Design Practitioner

Equip your teams to be front-line innovators who use design thinking to tackle problems and design powerful solutions.

Flexible format — fully online now available

As organizations worldwide continue to work remotely, LUMA can deliver the Practitioner Certification Program as a fully online experience or, when public health conditions allow, a blend of on-site and online learning.

The fully online option offers key benefits to support remote collaboration as the future of work:

  • Team building — Groups can include team members from any location.
  • Remote-first approach — Participants learn remote collaboration skills from the beginning.
  • Inclusive and engaging format — The remote sessions are highly inclusive, and give everyone a voice.
  • Experience with digital tools — Groups learn the same digital collaboration tools that they’ll use in their own work.

We’re happy to talk through what delivery format will work best for your organization.

Note: Availability of on-site sessions is determined by local public health regulations and conditions for in-person gatherings, as well as LUMA’s determination of safety considerations for our team members.