The end of a calendar year provides an excellent opportunity to reflect on all that we’ve accomplished. For our communications team, launching LUMA’s blog is at the top of our list. We were proud to create a helpful, practical, and fun corner of the internet to learn more about human-centered design – we believe in the power of sharing knowledge so that we can make things better, together!

Clearly this message resonates with our community. The content on our blog has been met with enthusiasm and curiosity, which we’re delighted to see. To celebrate, we’ve compiled a list of our most popular blog posts since we launched Posted Notes in April. We hope you’ll cozy up with a fresh cup of coffee or tea and dive in to learn something new! Thanks for joining us. We’re wishing you and yours a safe and restful holiday. 

The LUMA Communications Team

#1 The LUMA System: now available to all

READ| Published July 22, 2021 by Chris Pacione

This summer, we were thrilled to announce that we’re openly sharing all 36 human-centered design methods in the LUMA System. You can find an overview of each method, the benefits it can yield, a quick guide for how to use it, and other helpful hints by visiting

#2 100 days of designing my life

READ| Published November 11, 2021 by Ashley Jablow

How might we all design a life we love? LUMA instructor Ashley Jablow spent 100 days exploring that question. Her project – “100 Days of Designing My Life” – grew into a collection of prompts, questions, and frameworks to help anyone see their life and work through the lenses of innovation and design thinking.

#3 The human-centered design “elevator pitch”

READ | Published October 14, 2021 by Delaney Held

We asked members of the LUMA Community how they’d describe human-centered design in the most concise way possible. Here’s what they said.

#4 Draw every day

READ| Published May 27, 2021 by Mike Rubino

If you build up the habit of drawing every day, and if you approach it with the mindset of “drawing to communicate,” you’ll find that being visual can become second nature, just like when we were kids.

#5 Experience Diagramming: unlock insights for innovation

READ | Published June 11, 2021 by Carlye Lauff

The practice of design begins by understanding the world around you and then finding opportunities to improve it. In our modern-day “experience economy,” organizations must design with the customer experience in mind in order to stay competitive.