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Delaney Held

Delaney is the communications manager for LUMA Institute. She has a professional background in copywriting, community development, website and project management, and social media. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor’s degree in public relations.

Posts by Delaney Held

Ways of Working: Writing and editing with Delaney

We’re introducing a new blog series called Ways of Working. In each edition, a member of the LUMA Community will share rituals, tools, and technology they use to do their best work. This week, LUMA communications manager Delaney Held covers the routines she follows while writing and editing.

LUMA Community Roundup

Introducing: LUMA Community Roundup. In the spirit of sharing helpful and interesting content, we’ll highlight books, articles, podcasts, etc. created by our very own community of instructors and partners. We’re proud to work with experienced design thinkers from all over the world.