Recently, LUMA CEO Chris Pacione was a guest on the Water in Real Life podcast, hosted by the H2DUO Stephanie Corso and Arianne Shipley. In the hour-long conversation, Chris breaks down LUMA’s approach to design and how it applies to something humans rely on every day: water.


  • 02:10 – Hear Chris’ definitions of design and design thinking
  • 08:03 – The key behaviors of human-centered designers 
  • 17:15 – Learn about the importance of drawing and being visual 
  • 24:24 – Explore the connections between design and collaboration 
  • 29:17 – The difference between design as a process versus a practice 
  • 35:08 – How to prototype anything, not just tangible products 
  • 44:45 – LUMA’s philosophy of and approach to design 
  • 55:23 – Chris’ vision for universal design literacy

Listen to the audio version:

You can also check out the video on YouTube: