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Dustin Stiver

Dustin serves as LUMA’s first director of community and communications. Previously, he was the lead instructor on LUMA’s teaching and learning team. Before joining LUMA, Dustin spent more than a decade honing his craft at The Sprout Fund. His PhD research focused on studying how people catalyze collective action.

Posts by Dustin Stiver

HCDJ 03: Cool Down

This is the third installment of our HCDJ series (Human-Centered Design + DJ = HCDJ!) This playlist is designed to help you wind down after a productive working session and ease into your next experience.

HCDJ 02: Warm Up

Music sets the tone — and this playlist is designed to help you get things moving! These selections are perfect for sparking creativity, and creating a melody-filled learning and working environment.

HCDJ 01: Dependable Instrumentals

These genre-hopping instrumentals will add some ambiance to your next design session. Sometimes a little background music can set the right tone for dedicated heads-down time, and these trusty tracks have worked well for LUMA facilitators!