At LUMA Institute, we believe in the power of design and we are constantly pursuing our goal of universal design literacy. For more than a decade, we have empowered individuals, teams, and organizations to be more creative, collaborative, and human-centered.

During the last ten years, people all over the world, working in nearly every field, have used the LUMA System of Innovation to look at challenges in new ways, understand their nuances, and make things better. Our aspiration is to equip people everywhere to be confident and capable designers doing their best, most inspiring work. (And, yes, this applies to you even if you didn’t go to design school. Design is for everyone!)

As a company built on human-centered beliefs and values, we view diversity, equity, and inclusion as sources of strength and inspiration. We are inspired most by the humans at the heart of human-centered design, which is why we are investing more energy into stewarding, nurturing, and growing the LUMA Community. 

The LUMA Community has evolved organically over the years, but we want to be more intentional about the notion of community stewardship. My colleague Dustin Stiver — who recently started serving as LUMA’s inaugural Director of Community and Communications — often says, we must “create the conditions for collaboration.” We intend to do that through a combination of community building and storytelling. 

In the months ahead, through our blog and other mediums, LUMA will collect and share stories about how members of the LUMA Community, both longtime friends and newcomers alike, are making things better all over the world. Additionally, you can look forward to content about topics like the LUMA System, LUMA Workplace, other design resources, and some occasional delighters that we’ll keep secret for now! 🙂

I hope you enjoy the content on this blog and find it to be a source of inspiration. If you ever want to share your thoughts with us, we welcome your feedback and ideas by emailing

Thanks for being here,