Human-Centered Design Facilitator

Become highly skilled at planning and facilitating design thinking work sessions that get results.

Earn LUMA certification as a facilitator of human-centered design

Prerequisite: Practitioner Certification Program

LUMA’s Facilitator Certification program begins with expert instruction in facilitation and the LUMA System, then gives participants hands-on experience designing, planning and facilitating a session as part of a team. Everyone will get feedback from a LUMA-certified instructor, plus constructive feedback from others in your group.

The Facilitator Certification Program runs as a cohort, so you’re learning together as a group all the way through. Each section is limited to 12 participants for maximum learning and participation.

Program structure

The Facilitator Certification Program is made up of:

Live learning sessions to give you a solid foundation in how to be a skilled and effective facilitator, as well as a thorough understanding of the methods in the LUMA System.

Practice sessions where you’ll be part of a small team and facilitate a session you design, plan and lead together, to give you hands-on experience that builds your skills and confidence.

Coaching sessions to give you individual feedback, guidance and coaching as you hone your new facilitation skills back in your organization.


Introductions and LUMA facilitator key attributes

Get acquainted with your group and learn about the key attributes of a LUMA facilitator. To start, we’ll ask everyone to focus on your own strengths and weaknesses as a facilitator, then assess your comfort level with all of the methods in the LUMA System.

Method cards and method mechanics

Explore your knowledge of the entire LUMA System — all 36 human-centered design methods across the subcategories of “Looking,” “Understanding” and “Making.” Then learn how to dig into the details of any given LUMA method.

Recipe creation and Session Planner tool

Learn how to make human-centered design “recipes” by combining LUMA methods that will help you solve your design challenges. You’ll learn to use the Session Planner tool on LUMA Workplace to create an agenda for your next work session. Then, team up and start preparing for the facilitated session you and your team will deliver!

Team planning and Practice Session prep

Collaborate with your teammates to design the session you will facilitate, finalize your agenda, define your roles and get ready to lead the session. LUMA instructors will be available for personalized coaching during this time to provide support.

Practice sessions

Practice sessions are led by two LUMA-certified instructors.

Each practice session consists of:

  • Two hours of live facilitation practice and expert critique
  • One hour break (timing may vary)
  • Two hours of live facilitation practice and expert critique

Everyone in the program will have the opportunity to collaborate with their group to design, plan and deliver a facilitated session using LUMA methods.

Each practice session will follow the same format:

  • A live, 60-minute facilitation session that you and your group will lead.
  • Expert critique on your session from LUMA instructors.
  • Constructive feedback from other participants in your cohort.
Photo Image of a person facilitating the human-centered design method Rose, Thorn, Bud for a group working virtually.
Image of a person facilitating the human-centered design method Rose, Thorn, Bud for a group working virtually.

Coaching sessions

In the Facilitation Certification Program, we schedule coaching sessions for one, two and three months after the final practice sessions to give you support, feedback and guidance as you start using the new skills you’ve learned back in your organization.

For each of the three coaching sessions, you will:

  • Pick a challenge and select the LUMA methods to apply as a facilitator.
  • Plan your step-by-step approach using tools on LUMA Workplace, particularly Session Planner.
  • Document your planning, preparation and delivery of the session you facilitate via screenshots, photos, sketches or other artifacts.
  • Assess how your session went using LUMA’s evaluation worksheet.
  • Be ready to share your experience with the group using LUMA’s storytelling template.

As you and others in the group share how you’ve applied LUMA methods to your challenges, your coach will offer expert feedback, guidance and advice. Your peers may also offer feedback — just as you can offer input and encouragement when others tell their stories.

Earning certification

To earn LUMA Facilitator Certification, you will need to:

  • Attend all the learning sessions and practice sessions in their entirety.
  • Participate in at least two coaching sessions.
  • Share your work in at least one coaching session.

You’ll receive: 

  • A downloadable certification document customized with your name
  • A badge for posting to social media and sharing in email signatures
Photo LUMA System Certified Facilitator badge
LUMA System Certified Facilitator badge