I’m writing to share some very exciting news… LUMA Institute has joined MURAL

In a move that creates an enormous amount of opportunity for both companies, LUMA was recently acquired by MURAL. In the words of MURAL’s CEO Mariano Suarez-Battan: “LUMA has pioneered a different way to collaborate for over a decade, helping enterprise teams around the world innovate and do their best work together. As a part of MURAL, LUMA will help advance collaboration design, a new discipline that will level up how people work together. This acquisition is the first public step in our mission to support collaborative intelligence for the new hybrid workplace.” 

I want to share a few thoughts about why this union makes sense for LUMA, how it will advance our mission, and why now is the right time to make this happen. There are lots of reasons; I want to highlight four of them: 

  1. Mission Alignment: The first reason is because our missions are aligned. LUMA and MURAL have been collaborators for many years and we share common values, as well as a fundamental belief in human-centered design. Both companies are focused on equipping people to be more creative and collaborative problem solvers. LUMA was created around a clear purpose: to empower everyone to Make Things Better®. We have done this through our acclaimed learning experiences, digital resources, and certification programs. And now we will pursue this mission with MURAL. 
  2. Stronger Together: The second reason is because our offerings are complementary — and stronger together. We have long-seen the promise in combining our offerings to serve customers in new and powerful ways. Imagine the LUMA System — all of our methods, recipes, session planner, the ability to customize content — within MURAL! The LUMA team looks forward to exploring these possibilities and advancing the deployment of MURAL’s Collaboration Design Institute in late 2022, where the discipline of collaboration design will be taught and learned through self-service curriculum, cohort-based learning, certifications, and communities. 
  3. Great for Customers & the LUMA Community: The third reason is because it’s great for LUMA customers and the broader LUMA Community. MURAL and LUMA are both positioned to serve enterprises that want to transform how individuals and teams collaborate and innovate. In fact, we already have many shared customers who rely on both companies to help them achieve their goals. And for our customers who use other digital whiteboards, that’s perfectly okay too! The LUMA System is for everyone. It’s not exclusively limited to any platform and there are no plans to change that at this time. Additionally, this union will create even more opportunities for LUMAnaries (people connected to LUMA) to interact with the ever-growing MURAL Community. 
  4. Now is the Time: It’s the right time to join MURAL because the future of work will be a mix of remote and in-person as well as synchronous and asynchronous collaboration. Hybrid work is here to stay. As MURAL’s Chief evangelist Jim Kalbach recently posted: “Work is not a place. It’s what you accomplish together.” And at its core, that’s what LUMA has always been about: helping people work better together — no matter where the work is happening. LUMA’s expertise is in teaching people how to design and facilitate collaboration. MURAL’s expertise is in enabling enterprise collaboration at scale. This union ensures that LUMA is well positioned to do what it does best: equip people to Make Things Better®. And we could not have found a better partner in MURAL.

I am thrilled about this news and I look forward to our shared future together. Please check out the links below to learn more: 


About LUMA
LUMA Institute® is a recognized global leader that equips people to be collaborative problem solvers through its acclaimed learning experiences, digital resources, and certification programs. Founded in 2010, LUMA transforms how teams collaborate and innovate at enterprise scale. The LUMA Principle guides the company’s work by inviting people to Look carefully, Understand deeply, Make resourcefully, and Adapt accordingly. Organizations around the world rely on the LUMA System of Innovation, a modular and adaptive collection of design methods. LUMA has reached people in more than 140 countries on six continents through private innovation programs for enterprise clients, public workshops that are open to all, and a digital platform called LUMA Workplace®. Join us and let’s Make Things Better®.