LUMA Institute’s digital platform – – helps you build confidence in using human-centered design to achieve extraordinary results in everything you do, at work and at home. 

How can LUMA Workplace® help? As a digital toolbox for design thinking, the tools, features, and functions of LUMA Workplace help you learn and apply the LUMA System. And the content is relevant to many common challenges.

Image caption: Some of the features of LUMA Workplace

For work, LUMA Workplace enables you to be creative, collaborative, and innovative — no matter your role or where you’re located — so you can bring ideas to life and get tangible results, quickly. The LUMA System of 36 proven human-centered design methods helps make work more effective, engaging, and fun. Through LUMA Workplace, you can try the methods yourself and reference real world examples, expert tips and tricks, and step-by-step instructions.

The power of LUMA Workplace can be realized at home, too! The tools and resources on the platform can help you tackle personal challenges that range from figuring out the next step in your career to decluttering your home. For example, I love using What’s On Your Radar to capture and organize home renovation projects. Here’s an artifact to prove it! 

Image caption: A What’s on Your Radar diagram about home improvement projects

After moving into my new place, I created a radar with four sections: Indoor, Outdoor, Furnishings, Wildcard. You’ll notice that the top two segments of the radar are larger than the bottom two segments because we expected to have more projects in those areas.

After making the radar, my wife and I worked together to plot all the projects we wanted to do in each section. The most important projects went in the center ring and less important projects went in the outer rings. It’s been a year and a half since we made that artifact, and it still hangs in our basement stairway. As we finish projects, we check them off the list! 

You’ll find more examples like this on LUMA Workplace. 

However you work, LUMA works. And LUMA Workplace is your digital sidekick. It will always be there for you, providing advice and helping you navigate your next challenge so that you can puzzle your way through it and make things better. Snag a free trial and have fun exploring LUMA Workplace, your platform for the future of work.

PS: LUMA Workplace also supports LUMA’s human-centered design workshops; it’s a key tool used in our certifications programs. Start by becoming a practitioner, then move on to become a facilitator. Learn more:

Or, if you’re simply looking for an introduction to design thinking, but aren’t interested in a certification program, you can check out our Design Thinking Essentials course. You’ll use LUMA Workplace there, too!