Method overview

Harnessing a group’s collective intelligence is not always easy, but doing so can prove to be enormously valuable. By democratizing the decision-making process, you ensure that no single voice or idea takes precedence; instead, everyone is encouraged to be judicious for the sake of finding the favored option. Visualize the Vote is a good way to get everyone’s input, giving each person the opportunity to indicate preferences and opinions before final decisions are made.

This is a simple method to employ, and offers a good degree of flexibility. For instance, when using it to pick the best solution among many, you can give everyone a token to cast a single vote. Or, if you need to consider details or prioritize a subset of alternatives, give everyone multiple voting tokens. You can also provide different types of indicators to address different issues (highest priority, best opportunities). Whatever the need, voting provides a quick catalyst for discussion, moving a project toward realization.

The benefits of this method

  • Helps you rate and rank preferences.
  • Reveals thematic patterns.
  • Diminishes overbearing opinions.
  • Democratizes decision making.


Quick guide

  • Identify the subject of your polling activity.
  • Give each reviewer sticky notes as voting tokens.
  • Give each reviewer 1 token to cast an overall vote.
  • Give each reviewer 2 tokens to cast as detail votes.
  • Announce the criteria for voting.
  • Have presenters describe each concept. Instruct everyone to vote simultaneously.
  • Tally the votes.
  • Invite discussion of what people voted for and why.

Helpful hints

  • Use a different colored sticky note for the detail votes.
  • Place the token on a specific detail of the concept.
  • Consider the cumulative effect of detail votes.

Combining LUMA methods into design recipes

The methods in the LUMA System are great on their own, but they are really powerful when combined into design recipes. Just like when you combine ingredients to make a tasty meal, you can also combine design methods to address challenges such as improving workplace culture or uncovering customer insights.

An example of a recipe from LUMA Workplace®:

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