LUMA empowers people to innovate everywhere, by transforming the way they work.

Organizations around the world transform into places where people and innovation flourish through our unique and powerful System of Innovation. Nothing else empowers like LUMA.

Our System

The LUMA System of Innovation offers a unique framework of Human-Centered Design that equips people to be more innovative in their daily work. It’s the most practical, flexible and scalable system in the world.

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Our Beliefs and Values

When considering a new partner for something as important as innovation, it’s vital to know if your beliefs and values align. At LUMA, we and our unique System of Innovation are shaped by deeply held beliefs — about innovation, about design, about the way people learn, and about the way we do business.

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Our Story

LUMA grew out of a simple request from people who saw Human-Centered Design in action: “Can you teach us to work this way?” Today, we function as a catalyst that empowers people worldwide to innovate through our unique LUMA System of Innovation.

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