Big Wins
  • Galvanized bank culture around a shared language of Looking, Understanding and Making
  • Implemented a comprehensive approach for thousands of employees
  • More than doubled the number of customer service projects
  • 22,000

    Global Employees

  • 18


  • 6+ million

    Consumer Banking and Wealth Management Customers

Fundamentals Workshop

Fundamentals of Innovation through Human-Centered Design introduces the LUMA System.

Instructor Certification

Structured program for individuals to gain certification as a LUMA instructor.

Enterprise Access

Full access to LUMA curriculum, tools and resources to build a culture of innovation.

LUMA Workplace

Online tools, resources and LUMA recipes to apply the LUMA System in your daily work.


“Innovating for People” handbook, planning items and templates for the LUMA System.


  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased customer transactions and acquitions
    Innovation and design awards

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