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Our Story

We believe that innovation is a growing
social and economic imperative.
It calls for more people to be more innovative, more often.

Our educational offerings help businesses, non-profits, schools, and governments
multiply their ability to innovate.
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We help individuals grow
in their personal development.

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We help teams build
their collective capabilities.


We help organizations drive
large-scale cultural change.

We teach the LUMA System of Innovating for People

... because we believe that Human-Centered Design is vital to innovation.
The LUMA System is a versatile way to learn and apply the key practices of design:
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Observing Human Experience

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Analyzing Problems & Opportunities

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Envisioning Future Possibilities

Our system includes a collection of thirty-six design methods
organized by way of nine essential skills sets.
The LUMA collection of 36 Human-Centered-Design methods

We help people learn how to use design methods in combination to bring new and lasting value to the world.

A sample method combination
A sample method combination
A sample method combination

What challenge are you aiming to address?

We need to improve our service experience. We need to re-think our programs & policies. We need to build a culture of innovation. We need to enter new markets.
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Whether you are trying to move the needle a little bit
or striving to change the world in a BIG way, we are ready to help.

Learn more about how we can
equip you, your team or your organization
to accelerate innovation...

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