An Exceptional Learning Experience

LUMA workshops are human-centered through and through, to provide a dynamic, fun and hands-on experience that puts participants at the center of deep and meaningful learning.

Fundamentals of Innovation through Human-Centered Design

Our Fundamentals workshop introduces you to the LUMA System of Innovating for People — a flexible framework for practicing the discipline of Human-Centered Design.

Advancing Innovation through Human-Centered Design

Our Advancing Innovation workshop is an intimate, peer-to-peer learning experience that will deepen your knowledge and understanding of the LUMA System.

Vibrant and Engaged Participants

Our public workshops typically draw a lively mix of people from business, non-profits, government and education, all eager to be more innovative.  We limit attendance to ensure an optimal learning environment.

You’ll work in teams and gain new perspectives (and new contacts) from the people you meet, and they’ll learn from you! You may be surprised at who you’re sitting next to — we’ve had participants from Google, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Gates Foundation, American Express, IBM, Harvard and many other companies and organizations of all types, sizes and sectors.


World-class Environment

We continuously evaluate our workshops through the widely used Net Promoter Score measurement, asking two questions: how likely participants would be to recommend LUMA to a peer or colleague and why? LUMA workshops consistently average an NPS of 70, reflecting a world-class experience.

LUMA Workshops at Your Location

Sometimes companies and organizations prefer to hold private workshops on-site so colleagues can attend as a team. Benefits include:

  • Building a common language and approach to problem solving
  • Focusing workshop discussions on your unique organizational challenges
  • Seeing rapid results as a human-centered approach can be immediately put into action

Contact us to inquire about private workshops.

In addition to Fundamentals of Innovation or Advancing Innovation private workshops, we offer sessions for teams and organizations tackling specific challenges or trying to build skills in certain areas:

  • Leading a Culture of Innovation
  • Beyond Brainstorming Deep Dive
  • Problem Framing Deep Dive
  • Rapid Iteration and Product Testing
  • Custom topics tailored to your needs

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