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A discussion with women in the design field

Photo Headshot of Carissa Lucky
Headshot of Carissa Lucky

Carissa Lucky

As an HR Business Design Strategist, Carissa holds the title of Director of People Experience and Workforce Diversity for LUMA Institute. Prior to joining LUMA, she’s held key human resource and leadership positions at companies such as Holiday Retirement, Alight Solutions, Marriott (formerly Starwood) and JetBlue Airways.

As a leader whose expertise surrounds diversity, equity and inclusion, employee relations, talent management and organizational change, Carissa has found design thinking to be at the core of developing the people experience within an organization.

Holding a bachelor’s degree in communications and a master’s degree in Organizational Management, Carissa leverages her knowledge to support the drive of developing and enhancing organizational culture.

Photo Headshot of Hannah Berson
Headshot of Hannah Berson

Hannah Berson

Hannah is the founder and CEO of SALT Collaboratory, a consulting company that helps clients acquire design thinking skills to amplify focus, collaboration and creativity in their work.

Prior to SALT Collaboratory, she held Principal positions at leading consulting firms including Point B in Seattle, Cap Gemini Ernst and Young (CGEY), and AT Kearney in London.

Hannah uses design thinking to help clients develop deeper insights into problem spaces and create more innovative solutions to their prioritized challenges. Her work helps teams become more engaged, aligned, productive, diverse and optimistic in their work.

Hannah has a CFA, an MSc from the London School of Economics and a BA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is a LUMA Certified Instructor.

Photo A headshot of Terri Burch
A headshot of Terri Burch

Terri Burch

Terri is a passionate design strategist, facilitator and hybrid-thinking professional. She adopts strategies and tactics from both the creative design and strategic business worlds to help organizations use design to address complex challenges.

Terri has more than 14 years of experience as an advisor to community-based organizations, small-and-medium-sized enterprises and multinational corporations in the U.S. and abroad. Six of those years were dedicated to human-centered design instruction and training. She has also worked with several innovation and educational institutions as a consultant, design thinking instructor and facilitator.

Terri holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Eastern Michigan University and an MBA in Strategic Design as a pioneering fellow from Thomas Jefferson University of Philadelphia, PA (formerly Philadelphia University).

Photo Headshot of Ashley Jablow
Headshot of Ashley Jablow

Ashley Jablow

Ashley is founder of Wayfinders Collective, a creative consultancy supporting people and teams to create a work life they love. Through human-centered design consulting, individual and group coaching and workshop facilitation, Ashley partners with clients to envision the future they want to create and design actionable plans, programs or experiences to achieve it.

Ashley is a Certified Senior Instructor at LUMA Institute as well as a trained Co-Active Coach. She previously served as a White House Presidential Innovation Fellow in the Obama Administration, and spent four years leading community management for IDEO’s open innovation platform, OpenIDEO. Ashley loves exploring the intersection of design and coaching, and offers tips, ideas and inspiration for other “life designers” on her site, Wayfinders Collective.

Photo Headshot of Aubrey Killian
Headshot of Aubrey Killian

Aubrey Killian

Aubrey is the Senior Manager of Client Enablement at LUMA. She works closely with her team to design and support the systems we use to meet the needs of our partners.

Aubrey has worked in many industries, ranging from hospitality to architecture to education. This helped her gain more empathy for all types of stakeholders, and it made her realize how the perspectives of individuals should always drive process and design. LUMA helped Aubrey transform what she’s learned through life experience into a daily practice that empowers her to make things better with her team members.

Aubrey holds a bachelor’s degree in Architectural Studies + Design with minors in Historic Preservation and Studio Arts, both from the University of Pittsburgh.

Photo Headshot of Caitlin Silverstein
Headshot of Caitlin Silverstein

Caitlin Silverstein

Caitlin is a Group Program Director at LUMA. She works closely with her team and clients to scale human-centered design in organizations in a range of markets. Caitlin is inspired when organizations create the conditions for human-centered design to “catch fire,” and ignite people’s creativity and spirit.

Prior to joining LUMA, Caitlin spent seven years at Continuum, a global design and innovation consultancy. There, she worked closely with organizations in a range of industries (financial services, CPG, healthcare, life sciences) to understand client challenges and create programs to move towards desirable and viable solutions. She also co-taught a design thinking course at the Harvard Division of Continuing Education. She enjoys spending every season outside with her family and their Basset Hound on Boston’s North Shore.