This playlist is the third installment of our HCDJ series (Human-Centered Design + DJ = HCDJ!). 

In part one, we offered Dependable Instrumentals to create some ambiance during design sessions. In part two, we turned up the dial with Warm Up music to set the tone for energetic workshops. Now, in part three, we are presenting a complementary playlist called HCDJ 03: Cool Down

This one is probably my favorite. These songs are perfect for playing at the end of a productive workshop or after a long design session. I also queue up this playlist when I’m working on things that don’t require deep focus, like sending emails at the end of a day, reviewing notes for an upcoming event, or reflecting on how a project turned out. 

You can listen to the playlist straight through or just hit shuffle; either way you’re bound to find some enjoyable outro music to help you wind down and ease into your next experience. 

Save the playlist to your library for easy listening — simply open the playlist in Spotify and click the heart icon. Enjoy!