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The most practical, flexible and versatile approach to innovation in the world, that anyone can learn and apply.

A System That Empowers Anyone To Innovate

Whatever your job or your organization, everyone faces problems — small, big and gargantuan. To tackle those problems, we need to devise creative, more innovative solutions faster than ever.

But how? How do individuals become more innovative? And how do teams become more innovative together?

LUMA believes any individual, team and organization has the potential to innovate, but may not know how.

From that deeply held belief, we created the LUMA System of Innovation as a practical, easy-to-learn, flexible and scalable framework that people can apply in their daily work to tackle problems of all sizes.

A Simpler, Easier Way To Be Innovative

The LUMA System of Innovation is a unique framework for practicing Human-Centered Design … but what exactly is Human-Centered Design?

In general, it’s an activities-based way of creative problem-solving that focuses on people above other factors — whether the challenge is making a better product, process, service or anything else.

But there are so many approaches to Human-Centered Design that identifying the best one for a certain situation can become overwhelming, eating up precious time.

So LUMA set out to create a simpler, easier way for anyone to learn to work this way. We researched the world’s most innovative organizations, reviewed findings from top researchers, and tested and evaluated hundreds of individual methods.

From that work, the LUMA System of Innovation was born.

A Versatile Toolset For Any Problem

The LUMA System of Innovation is a specific framework of Human-Centered Design methods that forms a toolset and shared language for innovation, even across countries and cultures.

The methods are organized into three key design skills: Looking, Understanding and Making.

That gives the LUMA System its versatility and flexibility to deliver powerful results:

  • Each method can be applied individually, for a focused approach to a specific question.
  • Multiple methods can be combined in different ways as needed for more complex challenges.
  • The methods can be used with any type of problem, in any type of setting. 

In addition, the LUMA System seamlessly integrates with processes like Agile or Lean Six Sigma to supercharge their impact.

However you work, LUMA works.

New Skills To Bring About Culture Change

A key part of building a culture of innovation is teaching people new problem-solving skills to use in their daily work.

Formal instruction is important, but 90 percent of learning happens outside the classroom. People learn by doing.

LUMA offers training, resources and programs for all the ways that people learn. Our goal of helping organizations build a culture of innovation flows directly from our mission, which is to:

  • Help individuals become confident and capable problem solvers.
  • Equip teams to collaborate, think differently and deliver impactful solutions.
  • Transform organizations into places where people and innovation flourish.

We’ve done it with teams and organizations large and small around the world, and we can do it with yours, too.

Organizations Innovating On Their Own

LUMA’s role as a catalyst (not a consultancy) means that every relationship focuses on getting teams and organizations innovating on their own, as quickly as possible. Think of the well known Chinese proverb: “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

After initial conversations about goals and aspirations, we’ll work with organizations to find the right approach within LUMA’s range of offerings — or even something new devised together.

If you think we can help you, your team or your organization, we’d love to have a conversation.


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