Fundamentals of Innovation through Human-Centered Design
What You’ll Learn

Our two-day Fundamentals workshop introduces you to the LUMA System of Innovation — a flexible framework for practicing the discipline of Human-Centered Design.  Through a dynamic mix of lectures and hands-on activities you will learn to apply a versatile system that:

  • Provides your teams with a repeatable way to innovate
  • Helps you get more out of your direct customer research
  • Measurably impacts your development work for products, services and processes
  • Promotes productive interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Offers creative alternatives to traditional brainstorming
What You Get
  • Expert instruction built on real-life scenarios
  • A common language for problem-solving
  • Hands-on practice to deepen new skills
  • Guidance on how to bring a new way of working into your workplace
  • 3-month subscription to LUMA Workplace, our powerful online platform
  • “Innovating for People,” our acclaimed handbook of Human-Centered Design
  • A deck of LUMA’s Human-Centered Design planning cards


  • $1,900 per person, standard rate
  • $1,600 per person, non-profit/education/government rate
  • $1,600 per person, group rate (3+ attendees)


Contact us to inquire about a private workshop.

Terms & Conditions

Who Should Attend

Who Should Attend?

At our public workshops, we welcome those who want to accelerate innovation in their organizations and to learn about Human-Centered Design. Job titles we often see include:

    • ImageLUMAtic character representing product manager job title
      LUMAtic character representing product manager job titleCredit()
      Product Managers
    • ImageLUMAtic character representing designers
      LUMAtic character representing designersCredit()
    • ImageLUMAtic character representing researchers
      LUMAtic character representing researchersCredit()
    • ImageLUMAtic character representing user experience professionals
      LUMAtic character representing user experience professionalsCredit()
      User Experience Professionals
    • ImageLUMAtic character representing marketers
      LUMAtic character representing marketersCredit()
    • ImageLUMAtic character representing consultants
      LUMAtic character representing consultantsCredit()
    • ImageLUMAtic character representing engineers
      LUMAtic character representing engineersCredit()
    • ImageLUMAtic character representing educators and learning professionals
      LUMAtic character representing educators and learning professionalsCredit()
      Educators and Learning Professionals

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