Custom Innovation Programs

Your organization is unique. Your innovation program should be, too.

Build a custom program for your organization’s goals and aspirations

We all face more challenges and disruptions in an increasingly competitive environment, with everything coming at us faster than ever before. These dynamics create new problems that need new solutions.

LUMA offers a different way of working that equips people to solve problems faster, with better results. The LUMA System of Innovation is built on Human-Centered Design — the discipline of developing solutions in the service of people — and grounded in the belief that anyone can be innovative, but might not know how.

The goal is to help you transform your organization into a place where people and innovation flourish. We work as a catalyst, not a consultancy, to get you innovating on your own as quickly as possible.

PhotoIllustration of two LUMAtic characters drawing overlapping circles to show collaboration.
Illustration of two LUMAtic characters drawing overlapping circles to show collaboration.Credit()
How we’ll work with you

The first step is a conversation so you can tell us about your organization’s challenges and aspirations.

Next we talk through your organization’s efforts so far so we can assess where you are on the innovation journey. Is it just starting out? Under way with a pilot group to build core expertise? Well into the transformation and ready to scale to everyone?

Once we understand all of that, we’ll collaborate with you to craft a program of innovation unique to your needs.

Components of a Custom Innovation Program

We’ll build your innovation program from a wide range of LUMA offerings

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