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Ways to learn and access the LUMA System of Innovation

LUMA Workplace
Get on-demand resources, tools and LUMA Recipes

LUMA’s online platform empowers everyone, anywhere to solve problems faster and better through our flexible, repeatable and easy-to-learn system of Human-Centered Design.

LUMA Workplace has everything you need to apply the LUMA System in your daily work. Get essential details on LUMA methods, practical resources to support activities, and our secret sauce – LUMA Recipes that help you tackle specific workplace challenges. You won’t find this type of resource anywhere else!

Learn the LUMA System in dynamic in-person sessions

People leave LUMA training fired up about a new way of working and eager to start using LUMA methods. Our in-person learning sessions are hands-on, fast-paced and lots of fun.

Start with our Fundamentals of Innovation workshop for a thorough introduction to the LUMA System. Continue with our Advancing Innovation session for an in-depth, peer-to-peer experience based on your own challenges – and start toward certification as a LUMA practitioner, facilitator or instructor.

Custom Innovation Programs
Build a program unique to your organization’s challenges and goals

Your organization is unique; your innovation program should be, too! We listen closely and ask a lot of questions to gain a deep understand of your organization’s challenges and aspirations. We work with you to design a flexible program based on the LUMA’s System of Innovation.

What makes us different? We’re a catalyst, not a consultancy, and our goal is to get your organization innovating on its own as quickly as possible.